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I had the best time on this short Beijing tour; our guide and driver were excellent in everyway.

After such planning for the trip, visa's and forms, it was well worth it. I will recommend your service of Yangtze River Tour to all of my friends.

We had a free day and our driver was kind enough to take us to good shopping museums, and other places to have lunch and dinner. It was something that was not required of him but it was great for us.

Client's information:
Mr. Richard Adam Hamm & Mr. Nicholas Sprung
Denver, USA,< >,

Itinerary: 5-Day Standard Beijing Trip

Hello Judy Su,

We had a wonderful visit to China!

Thank you for everything. I have already recommended your services of Yangtze River Tour to friends since we've arrived home.

Echo has an excellent knowledge of Chinese History and an excellent command of the English Language. She also has a superb understanding of what the tourists want and is excellent in making the travel enjoyable. For airport travel, sight-seeing and for meals, her sense of humor and her keen understanding of the nuances of American speech made our trip to Xian delightful. Mr. Lu was a very thoughtful and careful driver and was very good in securing our luggage in the van and guarding our valuables. He also parked the vehicle very close to our destinations. His appearance was excellent.

Thanks for everything, again. We enjoyed meeting you, and hope you'll come to visit us in Boston.

Vivian Podrid

Client's information:
Mr. Philip J. Podrid, Mr. Joshua Podrid & Ms. Vivian Rubinstein Podrid
Newton, American,

Itinerary: 18-Day Luxury China Tours of Beijing - Lhasa - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai - Beijing

Dear Maggie/ Ruby,

We are pleased to share our comments with you.

Meals were very good - but please give at least 2 Western type meals – eating all Chinese meals can be very tiresome - a simple sandwich, salad, pizza, and/or burger will suffice.

All the guides were outstanding and their pronunciation was acceptable. All guides were very knowledgable. Those funny stories helped lighten the mood. We enjoyed Jason’s many stories and his helpfulness. But Echo and William were very good tour guides also.

The driver at Xian (Mr. Yuan) was very helpful - he got down first before everyone got off the bus, and made sure we came down the steps safely.

All in all this China trip was very well planned and well organized and we would highly recommend Yangtze River Tour to our friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

Thank you.

Vivian Yu

Client's information:
Ms. Vivian Kristen-Nicole Yap Yu, Mr. James Yu, Mr. Kevin Jeromy Yap Yu & Mr. Jarrett Stephen Yap Yu
Monmouth Jct, the USA,

Itinerary: 9-Day China Small Group Tours of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai

Dear Ruby or Sally,

About my comments on the tour (delayed), these are my honest comments (as dishonest comments will not be of any use to you):

In Beijing, the food was the best: often outstanding in quality and selection.

In Xian, the quality of the guide was the best: her comments were generous, ongoing, detailed, and rich in anecdotes. She was sincere and warm. However, the food in Xian was not even half the quality in Beijing, but the dumping dinner was excellent, and the dinner at the airport the worst.

In Shanghai the food was quite good, and the guide helpful and considerate.

I hope these comments are helpful. Thank you for the China tour, and I look forward to visiting China again.


Client's information:
Mr. Richard Crasta
New York, the USA,< >,

Itinerary: 9-Day China Small Group Tours of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai

Dear Ruby,

Thanks for arranging such a great China tour. Xian was the city I was looking forward to on our vacation. Tracy has excellent knowledge and speaks very good English! We particularly enjoyed being able to see picutre of the food choices before our meals. Our entire China trip was wonderful because Yangtze River Tour planned all activities, hotels, airlines, meals with perfection. This is the first vacation I did not wear a watch and wasn't considered with the time. Rebecca (Shanghai), Cindy (Beijing), and Tracy (Xian) took good care of all our needs! We welcome any of them to visit us in the USA and we would be happy to be their tour guides.

Client's information:
Ms. Susan MCinadr & Ms. Kelli Jean Barger
Ohio, the USA,

Itinerary: 7-Day Luxury China Tours of Shanghai - Beijing - Xian

We would like to recommend two meals - Pecking Duck Dinner and lunch at the Auspicious Business Hotel. Both meals were very good, but if we had to pick one meal we both would recommend the hotel lunch. The food was very good and the show was fun.

Our guide of Beijing trip was Danny and we enjoyed our time with him. He spoke very well English and very knowledgeable. He made efforts to visit sites, whenever possible, when traffic and crowds were best. We appreciated this.

Our driver was Mr. Zhou. He was polite and pleasant. The car was always clean and Mr. Zhou was always there when needed. His driving was excellent. We never felt uncomfortable in traffic.

Overall, we had a wonderful time in Beijing. We are pleased to recommend Yangtze River Tour to our family or friends.

Yours sincerely.

Client's information:
Mr. James E. Wolf & Ms. Jo E. Wolf
Rensselaer, the USA,

Itinerary: 4-Day Standard Beijing Trip