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About YangtzeRiverTour.com

Yangtzerivertour.com, owned by Beijing Dragon Tours International Travel Service, is a pioneer English language site focusing on the Yangtze River in China. Having been in the tourism field for years, we have become experienced and have built a proficient team that has attracted many faithful clients and web users.

Our Yangtze River Cruise offers customized tour plans on the splendid Yangtze River and options of an extension to most highlighted spots of China, such as classic and modern cities, mystical Tibet, the amazing Silk Road and the enticing Li River. With an expert sales staff, we will show you that your money is well spent, giving you a tour that is rewarding and worthwhile. Backed by a large surety, deposited with China Tourism Administration, the top official tourism organization in China, we can guarantee you, if you do have any issues with the tour, that they will be handled reasonably.

If your appetite for the tour is whetted, feel free to select a tour in our Yangtze Cruise or Small Group sections and book directly through the on-line reservation form. We will respond promptly. We can also design a personal tour tailored for you if you wish. Our round-the-clock toll free service is available if you have any questions, or wish to book a tour.

Comprehensive information focusing on Yangtze River is also provided on this website for your education. Our Travel News give practical and useful tips and faqs along with updated news on Yangtze travel. You can also add your own comments in all these columns through our on-line editing function.

For further information and reservation about the travel service or on the website, please refer to Contact Us.

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