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Frequently Asked Questions, get you fully prepared both physically and psychologically. 

Why to Cruise with Us & How to Plan A Cruise

Reservation & Money Matters      
1. What does my cruise fare include? 
2. What kind of money is the best option for shopping ashore? 
3. What kind of payment do you accept for the cruise booking?

Shore Excursions      
1. Will I have a private tour guide? 
2. What vehicle will we use to do excursion tours?
3. Will there be many steps to climb? Is it easy for the seniors?
4. How long do the excursions take?
5. Can I buy bottled water during excursions?


Packing List 
1. Will I need a China visa for my trip?
2. How can I apply for the Chinese visa?
3. What medicines should I bring?

1.How can we get from the airport to the ship?
2.How can I check in at the ship, should I have a cruise ticket first?
3.I'm traveling alone. How can I secure a lower fare?
4.Is August a high season or a shoulder season?
5.Will I need extra insurance?
6.Can we make advance arrangements for cabin assignment?
7.Will my private tour guide be with us on the cruise ship?

Onboard Experiences     
Question: Are soft drinks included at dinner?
Answer: Not all ships provide free soft drinks. You are recommended to contact us for information about specific ships.
Question: Is tap water aboard the ship safe to drink?
Answer: It is not recommend for drinking though some cruise ship have water purification and sterilization equipment to provide clean tap water. YangtzeRiverTour.com provides two bottles of water for each client per day.
Question: Is smoking allowed?
Answer: Smoking is only allowed in certain areas on certain ships. Usually it is allowed on the observation deck.
Question: Do I need an electric converter for my razor?
Answer: It is recommended that you bring your converter with you as very few ships have 110 volt three prong sockets available.
Question: Is there internet access aboard?
Answer: Many ships provide an internet service for an extra fee.
Question: Can we have an extra bed for my daughter on the cruise?
Answer: For the sake of comfort and convenience of passengers extra beds are not normally available. Neither the China Regal nor the Victoria Cruise Company provides extra beds in standard cabins.
Question: Do cabins have private bathrooms?
Answer: Four and Five star cruise ships have private bathrooms in each cabin. Some have tubs and showers and some only have showers.
Question: Does the ship have private balcony?
Answer: Not all cruise ships have private balconies. Victoria cruise ships have private balconies, but China Regal does not. 


Do you have a question of your own?
Please contact Cruise Specialists with any questions you may have. Simply click on the hyperlink provided above, type in your questions and we will promptly respond! We look forward to hearing from you...thank you for visiting us.
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