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Yangtze Cruise Tips

Encounter any problems when packing for a journey? What about everything on the cruise ships? Find more than you expected, just in Yangtze Cruise Tips! Here Offer you bread-and-butter facts concerning the trip. Release your worries about the least trivial things either it be your packing problems or the dinning arrangements.

  About Preparation
For people from all age ranges, families, couples and singles, a cruise is an ideal for everyone. For singles, it is easy to meet people. For families with kids, cruise ships with comfortable amenities provide various activities as sport, video games and swimming pools. Also in many cases, cruise lines offer reduced fares for children. For couples, newlyweds and friends, a cruise is no more than an ideal for two or more to get together for special occasions like honeymoon, birthday and anniversary.

Climate & Health Requirement 
Packing Smart (Clothing, Family with Kids & Pets)
Money Matter & Travel Insurance
Travel Documents & Visa and Passport

 About the Cruise
The ships stop frequently during the trip to visit cities, towns and a slew of tourist sights. When your ship docks at exotic ports-of-call, you have the opportunity of selecting on-shore activities of sightseeing, sports, and shopping that your cruise line has arranged for you to choose from. Usually a cruise line has its scheduled timetable with fixed shore excursions. The excursions for activities like river drifting or sightseeing has been arranged in your cruise documents.

Security On-Board, Luggage Depositary & Entertainment
Cruise Lines & Cruise Seasons

 About the Ships
A cruise is more than a vacation, it's an experience. Enjoying the sun on a private veranda, sharing happy time with your loved ones or new friends over dinner, appreciating profound and ancient culture of China on lectures, those special moments on ship will make your experience a for a lifetime.

Cabins, Decks, & Facilities 
Consume On-Board, Expense & Disembark

Three meals a day will be offered. Breakfast is usually self-help, both Western food and Chinese food. Lunch and supper are Chinese cuisines. Catering times are announced on the public address system. Each sitting will lasted 1-2 hours. However, room service is offered on request anytime. Passengers who are likely to have the same eating habits will be arranged together in the dining hall. Thus your place at table is usually fixed to ensure better service. If you require special dishes, please order in advance. Chefs on-board will try their best to satisfy your needs.

Non-alcoholic beverages are provided at each meal with no extra charge. Alcoholic drinks will be charged for.

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