Brilliant Future

The immergence of the Three Gorges Dam has created a stir all over the world involving many complex emotions. Some emotions are remorseful while others inspirational, but it is believed that the Yangtze River is going to witness a brilliant future. No one denies the enormous benefit from this great exploit in terms of flood control, electricity generation, increased navigation and tourism. Among the major concerns are the tourist attractions along the Yangtze River which have received so much attention. The government has been making painstaking efforts to protect the existing historical relics and scenic spots while navigating and exploring new ones at the same time.

The Three Gorges Cruise is a world renowned golden course which captivates tourists from both home and abroad every year. This favorable situation is expected to continue to bring good results after the Three Gorges Project is completed. Since most of the original sights have been preserved and reconstructed ( see details ), sites affected by water present themselves in a different but rather enchanting perspective. For instance, Baidi City and Shibaozhai were changed to islands completely encircled by water.

The most impressive view should be the experience of the spacious lakes laying in-between the statuesque mountains. The disappearance of the shallow water and dangerous shoals now ensure a comfortable and safe journey. Visitors are no longer required to make the troublesome decision of whether to choose upstream or downstream, for the time that spent and the experiences made no difference because of the ascended water level. Experts say that by the year 2009, a great many enchanting scenic spots will have been uncovered. It is estimated that about 35 gorges and extra river reaches will appear creating an enormous potential for further discovery. There are 15 Karst Caves, 11 lakes and 14 islands are under development due to the increase in water. Control of the river sluice gate has made previously difficult to reach places more accessible and more tourist friendly. The dam itself counts as a worthy site to visit. Visitors will marvel at the super structure and the huge man-made waterfall. In addition, yellow muddy water once carrying earth in the flood season now become clear and green all the time.

Continuous rising water bestows much charm on the Yangtze River and also brings back some of its old world charm. People should take this chance to admire the new-look of the Three Gorges as well as the river as a whole. Nevertheless, the Yangtze River is still charming and the Three Gorges are still enticing.

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