Xiling Gorge Introduction

Being about 70 kilometers (43 miles) long, Xiling Gorge ranks the longest of the Three Gorges. It starts from the mouth of the Fragrance Stream in the County of Zigui down stream to the Nanjin Pass in the City of Yichang that is where the fabulous views of the Three Gorges can be seen.

Once upon a time Xiling Gorge had a reputation for being an unpleasant section where dangerous reefs and shoals lurked, and ships and boats frequently overturned in this area. However, continuous measures were taken to improve the condition of this route in the past. Additionally, the water line keeps rising up as a result of the Three Gorges Reservoir, a feature that has long been recognized – of torrentially flowing water in-between the rocks and reefs causing the crashing spray. None of these dangers exist any longer as they are now well covered under the deep water.

Xiling Gorge can be divided into two parts, the western section and the eastern section, with a 30-meter (98 feet) long dale in between. It is truly exciting to find that there are many other smaller gorges contained in this bigger one. These small gorges never fail to provide fantastic and inspiring views for onlookers, such as Kongling Gorge, Shadow Play Gorge etc. Besides, mountains and crags alongshore are scattered hundreds of enchantingly eroded caves with some famous ones such as Shilong Cave, Sanyou Cave, etc. Visitors, especially those that are studying, will find these especially interesting, for they rarely disappoint! The land nearby the dale is the main rural area in the three gorges region. The world-known Three Gorges Dam is located in the middle part of the dale in Sandouping.

The Xiling Gorge Tourist Resort occupies an area of 142 square kilometers (35,089 acres) from the Gezhou Dam to the Three Gorges Dam which has been gaining popularity during the past years. It qualified as a 4A-rated Tourist Attraction and has developed into a famous scenic spot as well as a perfect sanctuary favored by visitors at home and from abroad. Blessed with many more engaging sights, the gorge is waiting for your exploration.

Ox Liver and Horse Lungs Gorge

It is five kilometers from Qingtan Shoal on the north bank. A lump of reddish brown shale suspended in the east, taking a shape of a bull's liver, and a dark brown rock in the west resembling a horse's lung, hence the name 'Ox Liver and Horse Lungs'. One of the 'Horse's Lungs' is missing, blown up by British gunboats during the reign of Guangxu (1875-1908).

What to See :

Nanjin Pass, Shadow Play Gorge & Kongling Gorge
Sanyou Cave & Military Books and Precious Sword Gorge 
Yellow Ox Gorge & Huangling Temple 
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