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Wuhan: The New Wuchang Railway Station to Operated Tomorrow
Recently a new train station in Wuhan-New Wuchang Railway Station has just been completed. From December 19th a part of the waiting rooms and platforms will be put into operation.  
Originally built in 1916 Wuchang Railway Station was historically named Tongxiangmen Station. After the reconstruction since June 2007 the New Wuchang Railway Station has now become the largest train station in Central China. Possessing 12 waiting rooms and five platforms it has a total seating capacity of 8 000. During the Spring Festival season the new ticketing hall will also be operative to relieve the crowding situation.

- 2:40 A.M. EST, Dec 18, 2007
Fare for Yangtze Cruise (Chongqing-Yichang, Wanzhou-Yichang) to Rise as of Dec. 15th
Due to the dramatically increasing oil price the fare for Yichang-Chongqing and Wanzhou-Chongqing cruise along the Yangtze River will rise by 5% to 40%. Meanwhile the price for passenger ships of the two trips will also rise by 8% to 25%.  

- 3:28 A.M. EST, Dec 13, 2007
Chongqing: Jie-Shui Expressway Opened to Traffic on Nov. 28th
From November 28th the Jie(Jieshi)-Shui(Shuijiang) section of Chongqing-Changsha expressway was opened to the traffic. It is reported that vehicles can go through the new passage for free from 12:00 of November 28th to 24:00 of November 30th.
The Jie-Shui section expressway is 53 miles long and the limited speed is 74.5 miles per hour. From now on it will take about 50 minutes from Chongqing Liberation Monument to Nanchuan. What's more only 15 hours will be cost from Chongqing to Guangzhou by going through this passage.  

- 3:19 A.M. EST, Dec 4, 2007
Yichang: Sanxia (Three Gorges) Airport Permitted to Operate Int'l Flights on Nov. 25th
Approved by the State Council of China on November 25th the Sanxia (Three Gorges) Airport in Yichang City was permitted to commence the international flight service operated by China airlines. The construction of port facilities is now under busy preparations.
Built in 1994 and officially operated from 1997 the Sanxia Airport now covers 26 domestic air routes from Yichang to Beijing Shanghai Xian Wuhan Hangzhou Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is planned that the first scheduled flight will be the Yichang-Hong Kong flight in the first half-year of 2008. Then the airport will gradually commence air routes leading to Korea Japan and countries in Europe and America continents.

- 2:13 A.M. EST, Nov 26, 2007
Sichuan Province: Mt. Emei Presents Discount Skiing from Nov. 15th
Mount Emei Scenic Area in Sichuan Province has announced that visitors who purchase tickets at more than half price are entitled to enter the ski area and enjoy a one-hour skiing for free. This discount period will last from November 15th 2007 to March 15th 2008.   

- 3:18 A.M. EST, Nov 21, 2007
A New Expressway between Chongqing and Chengdu to Opened by End of 2007
Recently the Sui-Yu (Suining to Chongqing) expressway has completed the construction of Sichuan section which has been opened to the traffic from today. It is predicted that the journey from Chengdu to Chongqing will take only 2.5 hours after the completion of Chongqing section at the end of this year.
It is planned that this new expressway will become the shortest one that link Chongqing with Chengdu covering a length of over 183 miles. As is programmed this expressway is the third one between the two cities and there will be totally six ones in the next few years.

- 2:30 A.M. EST, Nov 20, 2007
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