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The 4th China Int'l Food Tourism Festival to Opened as of Oct. 26th
Chengdu Municipal Government of Sichuan Province is pleased to hold the 4th China International Food Tourism Festival from October 26th to November 4th.
With the theme of 'Fashionable Food Chengdu Life' the festival will have six main characteristic experience zones in the Chengdu urban area and six branch zones in the suburban area. Especially there will be over 200 restaurants offering special dish priced at CNY 1.00 for visitors to have a taste.
The specific arrangement is as follows:
Characteristics and Activity
Experience Zones
(urban area)
Jinniu District (two sites)
Food experience zone; modern food exhibitions such as ginseng tasting and crabmeat tasting  
Wuhou District
(two sites)
Slow life experience zone; to watch the primitive ecological folk customs performances and the Sichuan Opera Performances
Hongsha Village of Sansheng Town in Jinjiang District
Village life experience zone; to taste local food and to appreciate the residence hall with the western Sichuan style
Wenshufang in Qingyang District
Old Chengdu Folk custom experience zone; story-telling and folk artisans' performances
Branch Zones
(suburban area)
Shuangliu Town
To hold a 100-metre long banquet to display coarse grain food culture
Dujiangyan Town
To introduce the Taoist culture about health preserving
Luodai Ancient Town
To hold a series of Hakka Food exhibitions as well as a Hakka folk custom show
Xinjin County
To hold Xinjin River Food Cultural Forum talking about legends and food culture in Xinjin
Wenjiang County
Foreign food tasting; acrobatics and face-changing performances;
Pixian County
Professional cooking competition; home cooking competition

- 4:03 A.M. EST, Oct 16, 2007
Journey on Three Gorges Prolonged, Price for Yichang-Chongqing Cruise Rises
From October 12th the new route for yachts cruising on Three Gorges will start from Chaotian Gate in Chongqing. Through the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhou Dam and the new terminal will be the No. 9 Port of Yichang. The entire journey will be miles longer than the former one so it will take visitors another eight hours while traveling along the Three Gorges.
On this basis the price for Yichang-Chongqing yacht cruise has risen by CNY 25. For example the price for the third class cabin has increased from CNY 160 to CNY 185. Together with the fuel charge-CNY 30 the new price for the third class cabin will be CNY 215. However this price rise does not involve the Chongqing-Yichang cruise of which the price remains unchanged.

- 4:42 A.M. EST, Oct 12, 2007
Three Gorges Tourism Booms Again in the National Day Holiday
According to China's National Tourism Administration in the past Golden Week of the National Day Holiday the Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area has received a total of 72 thousand tourists from home and abroad increasing by 29% compared with that of the same period of the last year. Especially the tourists' number on October 4th reached 15.3 thousand which broke the historical record.
It is said that the dramatically increase of tourists should be mainly attributed to the route change of tourist planning of the Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area. Following the original route visitors had to travel Three Gorges at night. Since a new route starting from Yichang Port has been opened to the public it is more convenient for visitors to appreciate the entire beauty of Three Gorges area by cruising along the Yangtze River.

- 4:07 A.M. EST, Oct 11, 2007
Sichuan: The Giant Panda 'Scientific Exploration' Hall to Opened as of Oct. 1st
Chengdu's Panda Breeding and Research Center of Sichuan Province is pleased to open their newly-built Giant Panda 'Scientific Exploration' Hall from tomorrow October 1st. Visitors will have a chance to learn the 'secret' of the giant panda.
Having been equipped with electronic high-tech apparatus the 'Scientific Exploration' Hall will be a wonderful place for visitors to receive a comprehensive education about the life habits of giant pandas. Mainly the hall is made up of six different areas and the content of the introduction is as follows:
Content of Introduction
About the research center by inquiring the researchers through the video
Called 'mysterious giant panda'; to learn about pandas' eating habits by 'feeding' them on the screen
Called 'pandas' love and marriage stories'; about pandas' 'love affairs' and people's work in breeding pandas
Called the 'secret of panda's heredity'; to learn the genetic research work on breeding pandas
Called 'cradle of pandas'; the pregnancy and breeding process of baby panda
Called 'pandas and their friends'; about the species which share habitat with pandas

- 4:08 A.M. EST, Sep 30, 2007
The 11th Chongqing Urban Landscape Tourism Festival Opens
With the theme of' Urban Landscape, Passionate Chongqing', the 11th Chongqing Urban Landscape Tourism Festival was opened on September 27th in Chongqing Nanbin Road. The festival will last to October 8th and the detailed activities are as follows:

Sites Activities
Ci Qi Kou Ancient Town Ceramic Arts and Culture Festival
Nanbin Road A large-scale lantern fair with a unique lantern show
Int'l Taproom Street Green Fairy Tales 'RED SHOES' performance and the Indian Floats Parade
Hongya Cave Charming Hongya Sept.29 Anniversary Cultural Activity
Hu Guang Guild Hall The 2nd Hu Guang Guild Hall Immigrant Cultural Festival(mainly about the Hakka culture)
Dark Valley Singing and dancing performances by the Miao people
Zhangguan Town Singing and dancing performances by ethnic people (everyday)
Tianci Hot Spring Resort Ethnic dances by Dai people; Bonfire evening party; Bayu Snack Show
Central Peninsula Hot Spring Costume Show of the Tang Dynasty; classical instrumental music; ancient long-sleeved dance performance
Qiaoping Scenic Area The 2nd Qiaoping Fresh Rice Festival

- 4:37 A.M. EST, Sep 28, 2007
Chongqing: 'Revived' Dachang Ancient Village to Welcome Visitors during National Day Holiday
News from Chongqing says that the Dachang Ancient Village along the Three Little Gorges has been relocated and restored. It will surely become a highlight in the Three Gorges travel during the coming National Day Holiday.
Lying in Wushan County the Dachang Ancient Village is considered as the only well-preserved ancient town within the Three Gorges area. With 492 yards long and about 219 yards wide the village has been given the title of a 'Pocket-sized City' of which most architecture were in the style of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. 
In 2006 due to the water conservancy of the Three Gorges Project the village was submerged in the water. In order to preserve the ancient architecture the local government had decided to relocate the entire village. By marking each brick of the ancient buildings the village was later moved to a new site 3.1 miles away from the original one. After a year's reconstruction the beautiful ancient village has now revived and will soon show its glamour to visitors from home and abroad.   

- 3:40 A.M. EST, Sep 20, 2007
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