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Wuhan Museum: Chu Cultural Relics from Jingzhou Museum on Display
Between January 31st and March 30th, a series of precious relics from Jingzhou Museum, featuring the culture of 'Chu' (one of the kingdoms during the Spring and Autumn Period), are on display in Wuhan Museum.

It is said that there are totally 113 pieces (sets) of displays including bronze ware, lacquer ware, jade and potter will be shown in Wuhan Museum. Among the displays, over 20 pieces of jade articles, excavated from a newly-discovered Chu tomb in Jingzhou, are presented to the public for the first time.

As the cradle of the 'Chu' culture, Jingzhou was historically the capital of the Kingdom of Chu and went through the reign of 20 generations of Chu emperors. Thus, rich and magnificent 'Chu' culture formed in this beautiful city.

- 1:16 A.M. EST, Feb 3, 2008
Wuhan-Yichang Railway to Built in First Half-year of 2008
The latest news says that the project of Han (Wuhan)-Yi (Yichang) railway has been approved by China National Development and Reform Commission and the construction is expected to begin in the first half-year of 2008.
With a length of about 181 miles the railway will pass five midway stations from Wuhan to Yichang including Hanchuan Tianxian Qianjiang Jingzhou and Zhijiang. The design speed will be 124 miles (200 kilometers) per hour so it will take only two hours to travel between Wuhan and Yichang. The construction period is predicted to be four years. Once completed the Han-Yi Railway will become the first trunk railway for passenger transport within Jianghan Plain.   

- 1:05 A.M. EST, Jan 25, 2008
Sichuan: The 14th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Fair to Opened Tomorrow

From January 16th to February 5th Zigong Municipal Government of Sichuan Province will hold the 14th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Fair at Zigong Lantern Park.

There will be 112 groups of lanterns of which 70 percent will be related to the theme of Beijing Olympics. Meanwhile splendid artistic performances such as action art singing dancing Chinese martial arts and circus performance by artists from Kyrgyzstan will be staged on the fair. In addition a grand exhibition of traditional Chinese painting will be held during the fair.

- 0:24 A.M. EST, Jan 15, 2008
The Third Chongqing Yuwang (King Yu) Temple Fair to Opened on Feb. 3rd

Yuzhong District Government of Chongqing City has announced to open the third Chongqing Yuwang (King Yu) Temple Fair from February 3rd to 21st 2008. Based on the theme of 'Spread Yuwang Culture Celebrate Harmonious Spring Festival' the temple fair will be a nice chance to learn Chinese ancient history and the folk culture of Chongqing.  

At 14:00 on February 3rd a grand opening ceremony in the form of a large-scale dancing performance praising Yuwang will be held at Chaotianmen Square. Meanwhile colorful activities such as shadow puppet shows and gourmet food tasting will also be presented respectively at Huguang Guild Hall  Three Gorges Museum and the Hongya Cave. Additionally visitors can catch a loop line bus for free when traveling in the temple fair.  

- 6:56 P.M. EST, Jan 11, 2008
Chengdu: New Flight Services to Opened by Sichuan Airlines from Jan. 9th
From January 10th Sichuan Airlines will open Chengdu-Wuxi Chengdu-Changsha-Fuzhou and Chongqing-Guilin-Xiamen flight services. The first two will both be daily flights while the third one will be operated three times a week on Tuesdays Fridays and Sundays.  
Meanwhile a new flight service to link Chengdu with Libo via Guiyang will also be commenced from January 9th. As a unique place where several ethnic minorities live Libo has beautiful scenery that can be compared with that of Jiuzhaigou. Only taking about 30 minutes the flight will get the new-built Libo Airport which has been put into use since November 7th.  

- 2:07 A.M. EST, Jan 3, 2008
Chongqing: The First Banan Hot Spring Culture and Tourism Festival Opens Today
Banan District Municipal Government of Chongqing City is pleased to hold the first Banan Hot Spring Culture and Tourism Festival on December 28th 2007.
It is said that Banan District is rich in hot spring resources and has colorful folk customs. So the festival will be a nice chance for visitors to savor the unique tourist resources of the local regions.
- 2:45 A.M. EST, Dec 28, 2007
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