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Hubei to Invest Large Funds to Build Three Gorges Tourist Area
Hubei Provincial Government plans to invest CNY 26.9 billion to the construction of 40 new large-scale tourism projects in the Three Gorges Tourist Area in the next 13 years.

According to the plan, a number of top scenic spots in the Three Gorges Tourist Area, such as the Three Gorges Dam, Shennong Stream, Shennongjia Forest Zone, Quyuan Temple-Phoenix Moutain Cultural Tourist Area, Sanyou Cave-Mouth of Xiling Gorge Tourist Area and Huangling Temple, are all to be improved.
Once completed, the Three Gorges Tourist Area will become a first-class composite tourist destination, with better transportation, more advanced preservation, more beautiful ecological environment and better service.

- 3:42 A.M. EST, Sep 19, 2007
Wuhan: The 5th Int'l Horse Racing Festival to Opened during National Day Holiday
The 5th International Horse Racing Festival, along with Wuhan International Tourism Festival, will be opened during the National Day Holiday. The opening ceremony of the 'double festival' is to be held at Wuhan Orient Lucky City on October, 2nd.

During the festival, speed racing competitions, horsemanship performance and horse cultural display will be the major activities. Besides, some large art and cultural performances and special performances with traditional local features are also to be presented, celebrating the tourism festival.
Especially, there will be eight matches of speed racing, with the participation of the top jockeys from home and abroad. All the competitions will be operated under the standard set by Chinese Equestrian Association. Equestrian lovers will have a nice chance to enjoy the exciting equestrian events.

- 3:37 A.M. EST, Sep 17, 2007
The First Specialty Food Street of Sichuan Opens in Chengdu
On September 11th the first Specialty Food Street of Sichuan Province was opened to the public near the Wenshufang area of Chengdu. Built inside a supermarket the street covers an area of about a quarter acre.
Lying in the core area of the business block in Chengdu Caoshi Street the new Specialty Food Street will be a concentrated place for visitors to choose from more than one thousand kind of famous specialty food of Sichuan.

- 4:34 A.M. EST, Sep 13, 2007
Mt. Emei to Adopt Digital Guide System, One Ticket to Used Twice
Recently Emei Mountain Tourism Administration of Sichuan Province announces a new digital guide system will be adopted in Mt. Emei Scenic Area after the National Day holiday. Meanwhile visitors will be able to enter the mountain twice only with the original ticket.
It is said that visitors will be able to inquire about the instant information of scenic spots at any time and will be warned of any danger through the new digital system. Visitors traveling in Emei Mountain will feel much safer than before.  

- 3:54 A.M. EST, Sep 10, 2007
Sichuan: Jiuzhaigou to Limit Visitors Volume in National Day Holiday
News from the Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Tourism Administration of says that in the National Day Holiday the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area will limit the admission of visitors from October 2nd to 5th to ease the environmental pressure on the scenic spots and improve visitors' travel quality. 
From yesterday September 3rd the on-line ticket booking service of the National Day Holiday has started. Totally 10 000 tickets are available everyday. Especially 3 000 tickets are available respectively for the peak hours 08:30-09:00 and 09:00-09:30.Only tourists with these special tickets can be admitted at the peak time.   

- 3:21 A.M. EST, Sep 4, 2007
Sichuan: Wenshufang Museum Complex to Opened on National Day
News from Qingyang District in Chengdu says that the Wenshu Museum Complex will be formally opened to the public on October 1st the National Day. 
It is said that the Wenshufang Museum Complex mainly consists of small culture museums respectively displaying pottery in the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) Shuxiu (local embroidery of Sichuan) tea culture and Jade culture.
Especially there will be over 300 items of refined pottery in the pottery museum; various embroideries of different dynasties will also be displayed in the Shuxiu museum. Visitors will have a nice chance to learn more about the unique local culture of Sichuan Province.

- 3:26 A.M. EST, Aug 28, 2007
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