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Packing Smart

Luggage that is well-packed will help ensures a smooth and comfortable journey. We suggest you pack early and keep a packing list with you, especially if there are any problems with luggage that is temporarily misplaced. For the cruise along Yangtze River, we provide followings for your reference.

Check the climate and weather of the region you will visit to make sure you pack the proper clothes.

For outbound tourists, make certain to have your visa and a valid passport with you in a secure location, otherwise you may be denied boarding the ships. For others, pack valid documents such as the identity card, Residence Certificates for Taiwanese, etc.

The Three Gorges Dam makes for stunning photographs. Do not forget cameras or film. Since the river excursion is an exciting experience and provides numerous beautiful backgrounds, a water-proofed camera is recommended.

Although there are doctors and an infirmary on the ships, an unexpected illness or accident may result in an extra monetary charge. It is therefore a good idea to bring some medications that you can administer on your own for convenience.

You may bring with you credit cards or sufficient cash. The ships usually provide a foreign currency exchange, including US dollars, Pounds, Euros, etc.

GUNS, DRUGS, and EXPLOSIVES are not allowed as personal imports to China. Penalties are severe.


There are several suggestions about the clothing for your reference; you could also refer to Yangtze Climate. If you cruise in spring or autumn, you should pack sweater, jackets and protection from heavy winds. It you cruise in summer, besides T-shirts, shorts and sandals, you had better take hat, suntan oil and sunglasses. If you cruise in winter, (although few people do), heavy, warm clothing will be necessary to protect you from the freezing temperatures.

Casual clothes are the recommended for the many strolls involved. Comfortable shoes should be worn. One should also take along some drinking water. Because of the changeable weather in the Three Gorges region, umbrella and water-proof clothes are necessary. Luxury ships usually hold a Welcome Show as well as a Farwell Party, and formal clothing may be expected.

Family with Kids

Kids invariably qualify for special rates and this is no exception with Yangtze Cruises. The ships on the Yangtze River offer discounted passages and other favorable services. Usually, fares for kids under 2 years old and not requiring a bed are discounted by 90%. The fares for children between the ages of two and twelve years old without a separate bed requirement are given a 50% discount. Different ship companies offer various discounts when extra beds are required for children.

Parents with children should keep an eye on them, especially when ships are sailing on the river. If there is any need for help with child minding for a while, staff on board are available to help out.


Pet owners are reminded that pets are not allowed on the cruise ships and for that reason we remind you to make adequate arrangements for the proper care of your pets prior to leaving home.

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