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Consume On-Board

Package tours provided by Yangtzerivertour.com take care of your payment hassles. We offer tour plans at one reasonable price, which includes charges of a ship passage, meals, an English-speaking guide, and entrance fees to scenic spots along shore. Click on Terms and Conditions for details. Hereunder is some information regarding optional extras for which further payment will be required.

Generally, extras such as laundry, haircut/hairdressing, recreational activities, and tips are not included in our quotations. Further, one will be expected to pay for the use of office facilities such as faxes, photocopying, and over-head projector as well as the meeting room.

Others like shopping, special order of food, medical treatment on board, drinks in recreational rooms are excluded from our quotations. Some amount of small par valued money should be better prepared for souvenirs and something you are interested to buy.

YangtzeRiverTour.com offers you a Yangtze package tour that is good value for money. Depending upon individual requirements prices start from around 300 US Dollars to about 400 US Dollars. There is an excellent choice of tours available, whether it be a standard Yangtze River Cruise or a tour package combining cruises with visits to popular venues such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Kunming, Lhasa etc. Our Specials are well selected travel lines for those small groups of people.

Some off-peak specials are usually available in low seasons such as January, February, March, July, August, October, November and December when prices may be discounted from between 10% and 30%. Prices are higher during the Golden Weeks in high season.

For each of the travel plans you can browse through, the day by day itinerary is clearly stated giving detailed schedules and activities. From the destinations, accommodations, the meals and the transfers involved, every group member knows how every penny is spent.

The Yangtze River Package tour always means value for money. We are experienced and consider ourselves responsible for providing you with services that free you from any hurry or worries during your journey. Join us, every step along the way is carefully arranged and smoothly run.

Passengers settle bills the day before arrival at the destination, and the collection of luggage is arranged at the same time. The tagged luggage left by the door of your cabin will be transferred to the bus you will take when you disembark. Please make sure that there is nothing left in your cabin or in depositaries at the service center. The Farewell Show will be held in the last evening. One is expected to dress somewhat formally. Please note that the keys of the cabin should be returned to the reception deck.

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