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Size Cabins on the ships are usually divided into standard cabins and deluxe suites. Standard cabins can take up to 80% of the total number; each with an average area from some 10 to 12 square meters (about 108 to 129 sq ft) (varies with different ships). Deluxe suites are always much larger but may cost three or five times that of a standard cabin.

The basic furnishings include an individual washing room, a radio, beds, telephone, sofas, chairs, table, wardrobe, luggage racks. In addition to the abovementioned facilities, deluxe suites are also equipped with a massage bathtub and other luxury accessories.

Choose a Cabin
The best cabins are those away from noise and vibration created by the ships engine. It is also better to choose cabins away from recreation area and public alleyways.

Laundry services: professional wet cleaning and dry cleaning
Room service: free delivery of food ordered by passengers a day or half-day before.
Calling services: morning calls and broadcasting notices.
Shoes cleaning: sometimes free.
Specials for VIPs: include gifs and turndown service.
Others: massage, sauna, gym, swimming pool, bar, cafe, library, KTV, etc.

Deck Plans for each of the Yangtze Cruise ships are detailed in Cruise Ships. According to the watercourse of the Yangtze River, cruise ships are built around 100 meters (328 feet) in length, 17 meters (56 feet) in width, and usually with a sea gauge of 2 to 3 meters (6.6 feet-9-9 feet).

Usually five decks are contained in a good-sized ship. There are sun deck, recreation deck, bridge deck, promenade deck and main deck from the top downwards. On the first floor are the quarters of the ship staff and the operating houses, such as laundry, kitchen, engine room, etc. The second, the third and the fourth floors are mostly cabins together with restaurants, gym, bars, business centers, souvenir shops, viewing deck, lobby as well as other facilities and functional rooms. The sun deck is for recreation. There are cafes, sauna, massage etc.

For sightseeing along shore, there will be a grand view lounge on the third or fourth deck. Some ships equip each cabin with a detached terrace for sightseeing.


Power supply
The voltage on the ships is 220V (and some provide 110V as well). There are sockets in the cabins suitable for re-charging items such as cell phones but for the sake of security, it is recommended that you refer to staff on board who may be able to deal with recharging for you. There are appointed areas for passengers who wish to use their own laptops or other electrical appliances.

Commutation facility
Passengers can keep in touch with their families or friends via mobile phone all along the cruise. Advanced satellite communications are used so that the telephone in your cabin can be put through directly to every corner of the world.

Business center
Facilities provided are telecommunications, telegraph, and fax for passengers' business needs. Other office appliances are duplicating machine, computers, typewriters and slide projector. If there is a conference or a private get-together expected on board, inform your tour operator beforehand so that the arrangement will be processed in advance.

Water-purifying System
Water for drinking and other uses is processed by water-purifying systems on ships. The water quality on deluxe ships conforms with the national drinking water standards.
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