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How to Plan A Cruise

Cruising on the Yangtze River is suitable for any occasion on your agenda. So once you have decided to make the cruise, you should plan in advance. The best policy being: the earlier the better.

The following items can help you decide which cruise you want.

Step 1: 
Select a cruise line that appeals to you, either an upstream or downstream line. Cruises downstream refer to the cruise ships that leave from Chongqing, then continue downstream to Yichang or Wuhan for a short line, and cruise to Shanghai for a long line. While the upstream lines set out from Shanghai for a long line and  Yichang or Wuhan for a short line and head to Chongqing. The advantage and disadvantages of the two are listed as follows:

Advantages: Faster speed and no night sailing. Berthing at daytime by scenic spots, allows more time for traveling around on shore.
Disadvantages: There is shorter time for appreciating the Three Gorges since the cruise ship is moving quickly.

Advantages: Slower speed enables more extensive appreciation of the sights. It costs less. There are more activities and entertainment on board in which Chinese culture can be experienced. It is one day more than the downstream line and you will spend more time relaxing yourself.
Disadvantages: Some night sailing so a few onshore sights are missed in order to reach the next scenic spot on time.

Step 2: Select your ship. 
Grand and comfortable ships shuttle on the Yangtze River all year round. We offer a range of ships from Fives-star to other grades. Not all Yangtze Cruise ships receive foreign visitors and those ships receiving foreigners are usually the best ships with first-class serivce and facilities.
Step 3: Select a stateroom. 
There is a choice of cabins including Standard Twin, Single and Deluxe Suites for your selection. Of course, you may upgrade your cabin when after your check in the ship. Usually, rooms on the top deck are the most expensive while those on the second floor are the cheapest.

Step 4: 
If you want to combine your cruise with some land exploration in cities such as Lhasa, Xian, and Shanghai, Beijing we offer you well planed tours which will ensure that your travel in China is the experience of a life time.
Step 5: Book as early as possible. 
You can just register at Online Reservation. We suggest you book three months earlier, however, you could also call us a week before to see if reservations are still open.

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