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Shore Excursion

Question: Will I have a private tour guide?
Answer: There is no private service aboard. For the whole cruise trip, passengers will usually have two river guides and some local guides for excursion tours. When on excursions, passengers will be divided into several groups by the cruise company and each group will have a local guide for the excursion. All activities aboard are arranged by the cruise company and subject to change without prior notice.
Question: What vehicle will we use to do excursion tours?
Answer: Passengers will have clean and safe coaches and/or minibuses for touring on shore.
Question: Will there be many steps to climb? Is it easy for the seniors?
Answer: There are many steps in certain places, like the Ghost City, Fengdu and Shibaozhai (the precious stone stronghold). You may consult the river guide or the cruise staff, if you think it might be difficult for you and you may then decide whether to take part in a particular excursion.
Question: How long do the excursions take?
Answer: The excursions generally take two or three hours. Please remember to bring some water with you.
Question: Can I buy bottled water during excursions?
Answer: Chances are very few. We would suggest you buy enough water before boarding. You can buy bottled water on the ship, but it will usually cost rather more. 

What to Pack
Question: Will I need a China visa for my trip?
Answer: If you hold a passport from Singapore, Brunei or Japan and you will be in China less than 15 days, you are visa-free. Otherwise, you need a valid L Visa for your trip in China.
Question: How can I apply for the Chinese visa?
Answer: You can apply either in person, or entrust the arrangements to a third party, such as a travel agent or a visa agent. The documents you need to provide are:
1. A passport valid for at least six months and at least two blank pages.
2. A completed visa application form. The form can be downloaded from the official website of any Chinese Embassy or from the Embassy in person or by mail.
3. A recent photo in size 2" X 2" attached to the visa application form. 
Question: What medicines should I bring?
Answer: You should consider bringing medicines for colds, fever and diarrhea and anti-inflammation prescriptions. There is medical service onboard. If you are taking prescription medicines, please ensure you have adequate supplies to cover the duration of your trip.


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