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Question: How can we get from the airport to the ship?
Answer: If you have booked a package tour with YangtzeRiverTour.com, you do not need to worry about this. Your guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the cruise ship check in. If you prefer to check in by yourselves, you need to get all details beforehand: the cruise ship's name (not only the cruise company's), the exact dock the ship is at and the time when the ship arrives at the dock and leaves. There are many docks along the river, more information you obtain in advance the less time you will spend finding your ship.

Question: How can I check in at the ship, should I have a cruise ticket first?
Answer: If accompanied by our guide, you only need to show your passport to the receptionists. Your booking information is sent by us to the cruise company beforehand and your passport is the only necessary document.

Question: I'm traveling alone. How can I secure a lower fare?
Answer: The best way, if you do not mind, is to share a cabin with another person by arrangement with the cruise company. If the cruise company does not have a match on that date, you probably will have a cabin to yourself without an extra charge. Otherwise, you will have to pay the single cabin supplement.

Question: Is August a high season or a shoulder season?
Answer: August is a shoulder season. It is the cruise company who defines the seasons for its cruise sailing schedules based on the water level and its cruise lines. Usually April, May, September and October are the high seasons for cruising.

Question: Will I need extra insurance?
Answer: Additional insurance is strongly recommended. As the Travel Agencies' Liability insurance only covers accidents occurring during the guided tour, insurance to include cancellation, postponement, medical expenses and luggage cover, etc. should be considered.

Question: Can we make advance arrangements for cabin assignment?
Answer: We are sorry that the assignment is done only two or three days prior to the departure date. We always apply for the best cabins in each category for our clients but can offer no firm guarantees as to what may be made available.

Question: Will my private tour guide be with us on the cruise ship?
Answer: Your private tour guide will leave after you finish checking-in. The private tour guide will not be with you aboard as all activities after checking-in will be arranged by the cruise company.

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