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Why to Cruise with Us

  Question : Why to Cruise with Us?
Answer:A refreshing way to experience the excitement of taming one of the most ancient rivers in the world while gaining fascinating insights to the mystique of the orient is through a Yangtze River cruise! It is the perfect way to reward yourself when bored of the monotony of your daily routine of work or study.

The Yangtze River is the longest river in China and is an indispensable part of the Chinese culture. Well-known scenic spots are distributed along the magnificent Yangtze River and dotted along the serene emerald tributaries. The most famed of these is the world renowned Three Gorges. The world's largest man-made dam, the Three Gorges Project , has given the Yangtze River a new look. However, tourism along the river is as prosperous as ever. The new Three Little Gorges now compete in beauty and grandeur with the original Three Gorges. Excursions along the tributaries have also become more interesting and exciting. The rising waters have lead to many new features which are now enjoyed by tourists. It is the ideal destination for nature lovers, photo enthusiasts and fun seekers alike.

Considered a part of the orient, Chinese culture has long been regarded as mysterious and enigmatic. The Yangtze River cruise offers a great opportunity to learn more about it. Some insights are gained through the inscriptions which are frequently seen along the river. Historical relics such as Shibaozhai, Baidi City, Huangling Temple, Ghost City, and others which are also found along the river are bound to satisfy your appetite for learning more about the Chinese culture. The longer you cruise the more flavors of China can be experienced and appreciated.

Yangtze River Cruise Lines offers you a large variety of options catering to all different needs. Cruises vary based on distances traveled, departure times, and cruise ships. If you have never been on a cruise before or would simply like more information on planning a cruise, How to Plan Your Cruise is a great help. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

Reservation & Money Matters
Question: What does my cruise fare include?
Answer: For the itineraries described on our website, the fare is based on two people sharing twin accommodation, all daily meals and shore excursion programs. Personal expenses such as bar, laundry and internet access are not included.

Question: What kind of money is the best option for shopping ashore?
Answer: Cash, preferably Chinese currency is the best choice. Credit cards can not be accepted as the ports of call are usually local small cities, towns, or villages.

Question: What kind of payment do you accept for the cruise booking?
Answer: We accept wire transfer (cable transfer), personal checks and main credit cards. The specific information is accordance with the cruise you book. Please contact us to get further information on booking a cruise.

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