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Yichang: New 'Green Gallery' along Three Gorges Dam to Welcome Visitors
Covering an area of 49 acres and having a length of more than four miles the new landscape project in Yichang City will soon be completed and opened to the public.
This new landscape area starts from the wharf of Yichang port in the west and ends at Binjiang (along the river) Park in the east. There are seven scenic spots where different plants have been grown including grass shrubs and formed trees.
Once finished the newly-built landscape area together with the 2.4-mile long Binjiang Park will provide visitors a new 6.5-mile long 'green gallery' along the Three Gorges Dam.    

- 3:31 A.M. EST, Jul 17, 2007
Wuhan: Eight More Tourist Trains to Zhangjiajie Added This Summer
Recent reports say that eight more tourist trains from Wuhan to Zhangjiajie have been added to alleviate the pressure of railway transportation in summer. Now there are 12 Wuhan - Zhangjiajie tourist trains.
The operation period of those tourist trains is from July 11th to August 30th and the midway stops include Jingshan Zhongxiang Jingmen Dangyang and Yichang.
It is said that the best time for visitors to travel by train from Wuhan to other cities is the end of this month when more tickets will be available. 

- 3:30 A.M. EST, Jul 16, 2007
Wuhan: New Flights to Xian, Nanjing, Urumqi Open
China Eastern Airlines (Wuhan Branch) announced yesterday that new flights from Wuhan to Xian and Nanjing would commence on August 1st. Meanwhile a new flight service of Wuhan - Xian - Urumqi also commenced from yesterday July 11th.  
These new flights are all round-trip daily flights. The detailed flight information is as follows:
Air Route
Flight Number
Wuhan - Xian
 MU 2623
Xian - Wuhan
MU 2624
Wuhan - Nanjing
MU 2533
Nanjing - Wuhan
MU 2544
Wuhan - Xian - Urumqi
MU 2545
Urumqi - Xian - Wuhan
MU 2546

- 3:22 A.M. EST, Jul 12, 2007
Chongqing Airlines Started Maiden Voyage This Monday
On Monday morning July 9th the newly established Chongqing Airlines initiated its maiden voyage from Chongqing to Shanghai (flight number OQ 2307). Equipped with three pilots and six stewards the maiden voyage carried more than 140 passengers.
The Chongqing Airlines was set up on June 18th and was permitted to operate on July 4th. Currently its main air service includes Chongqing to Beijing Chongqing to Shanghai and Chongqing to Guilin routes.

- 3:19 A.M. EST, Jul 12, 2007
Wuhan - Yichang Temporary Train Opens Today
Yichang Railway Bureau decided yesterday to commence Wuhan to Yichang one-way temporary train today July 11th. The round-trip temporary train between the two cities will commence in full swing from tomorrow July 12th.
The train ticket for hard-seat is priced at 26 RMB. Twenty days were allowed for advance booking. It will moderately alleviate the pressure of summer transportation of Yichang railway station.

- 3:56 A.M. EST, Jul 11, 2007
Wuhan to Add Five Int'l Flights This Year
It is said that Wuhan is to add five international flights into the current seven lines this year. Four of the flights operated by the China Eastern will head to New York Frankfurt Maldives and Johannesburg via Shanghai; while another line to Tokyo with a stop at Dalian is to be run by China Southern.
- 9:04 P.M. EST, Jul 5, 2007
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