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Chongqing Beer Festival to Start on Aug. 5th
The 6th Chongqing Beer Festival will start from August 5th to 10th at Datianwan Stadium in Yuzhong District and Baguocheng in Jiulongpo District of Chongqing City.
On that occasion more than three hundred tons of beer belonging to over ten sorts of brands will be offered to visitors. Especially beer of foreign brands coming from Germany and England will also join in the festival for visitors to taste.  
Each visitor can be awarded a dram of iced beer by the entrance ticket. Additionally a special gala will be presented in the evening when various shows such as pop music and rock music will amuse visitors a lot.

- 3:25 A.M. EST, Aug 1, 2007
Sichuan: Traveling in Mt. Phoenix of Dazhou for Free
According to the municipal government of Dazhou tickets for the Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area are now for free. Visitors traveling there will no longer pay the entrance fee.
Lying to the north of Dazhou in Sichuan Province the Phoenix Mountain is considered as the back garden of Dazhou City. On 9th of the lunar January of each year many local residents flock to climb the Phoenix Mountain celebrating the Mountain Climbing Festival. 

- 3:00 A.M. EST, Jul 31, 2007
Sichuan: Ancient Town Culture and Tourism Festival to Open as of Sep. 15th
The first Ancient Town Culture and Tourism Festival in 2007 will be held in Chengdu's Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Scenic and Historic Interest Area of Sichuan Province on September 15th. The festival will last for more than one month till the end of October.
On the news conference delivered on July 25th 28 ancient towns from 13 cities including Chengdu Mianyang Nanchong Guang'an and Ya'an declared to join in the festival. It is said that various activities such as souvenir exhibition photo shooting painting and self-driving travel will be put on for visitors to taste the culture of ancient towns.   

- 3:33 A.M. EST, Jul 27, 2007
Chongqing - Lhasa Train Tickets Unavailable after Aug. 1st
According to the information from Chongqing railway station tickets of T222 from Chongqing to Lhasa will stop being sold from August 1st.
At present tickets of T222 for stations farther than Gomud are still available. But visitors from Chongqing to Xining Lanzhou Baoji Xian Dazhou and Guang'an will have to travel by other trains. The specific time to resume this route will be announced in due course. 

- 3:22 A.M. EST, Jul 23, 2007
Jingzhou - Yichang Expressway to Open Before Oct. 1st
Started from October in 2003 the Jingzhou - Yichang Expressway has been completed 95 percent of the whole project at present time.
The entire expressway has a length of 59 miles with 47 miles inside of Yichang area. It is predicted that it will be open to traffic before October 1st. Once operates visitors traveling between the two cities will enjoy great convenience.

- 3:15 A.M. EST, Jul 20, 2007
Chengdu - Mt.Qingcheng Travel Expressway to Open at the End of July
A new travel expressway to link Chengdu urban area and Mt. Qingcheng scenic area will be open from the end of this month. Once operates this new expressway will provide visitors a 40-minite journey between the two areas.
The newly-built express way will be free and will save CNY 40's toll compared with the existing toll-highway connecting the two areas. On both sides of the new travel way two 'health green passages' have also been designed for visitors who like to travel by walk.
Still bicycles for renting and bus stops along the passages will offer more choices for visitors who are tired of walking. 30 new village hotels will also be built up for rest and sightseeing.

- 3:05 A.M. EST, Jul 19, 2007
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